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Take the guessing out of stretching!

This is program is geared toward super busy people that are ready to move beyond physical pain. 

Take the guessing out of stretching is a 6 week online course where we learn 16 hip, shoulder/neck and spine stretches to relieve pain in the body.

We will learn the "why and how" of each stretch, build routines through out the day to squeeze in these stretches, and hold each other accountable. 

offered in April!!

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Make your dreams a reality!

In this 8 week coaching program, we identify your goal, then create a plan on how to achieve it. As we move along, we dive into what is holding you back and how to move beyond it.  Once you change your pattern in one area of your life, it will effect all areas of your life...microcosm of the macrocosm.

What makes my coaching programs so powerful, is that I incorporate breath work to align the body and mind for change to happen at a cellular level.

Offered in September 2019!

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Privates are all about YOUR specific needs!!

Private alignment/strengthening: with yoga therapy, deep fascia release and pilates we will realign and strengthen your body.

Private breath sessions:  we will learn how to breathe using the diaphragm and several different breath techniques.  Then we will practice breathing for at least 45 minutes for good health and releasing old emotions.

Private coaching: asking the right questions in a safe setting to find out how your beliefs are subconsciously making you repeat unwanted patterns and stopping you from your deepest wishes, is powerful.  When you combine mental exploration with breath work you truly change at a cellular level.  

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This is where we gather to stretch, breathe, let go of stuck energy, be with friends and have fun!

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