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physical Feb 18, 2019

Having a pain free back and body does not have to be difficult.  It can be a commitment of only 15 minutes a day. If you have had chronic pain for a long time, it will take patience, commitment and consistency to get back to alignment; but it is possible.  

I have worked with people with chronic issues that have found relief with regular stretching and strengthening.  Firefighter that fell down 3 stories and was told he would never walk again, started walking.  People that were told their back pain would never go away and should do surgery, ended up pain free after commiting to stretch daily.  

My goal is to keep it simple and empower you to take care of yourself.  I have hand-picked 7 hip, 5 shoulder/neck, and 4 spine stretches.  Thats all you need to stay flexible, pain free and keep range of motion in your major joints. 

When you learn the “why and how” of each stretch, you can do them anywhere and feel good in your body again.